Neurotherapy Center of Dallas – TEXAS

Address: 12870 Hillcrest, Suite 201
Dallas, TX 75230
Phone: (972) 991-1153 x14 Email: Website:

I am a medical doctor, a Board Certified Neurologist.  For forty-five years I have studied, researched, and taught in the field of neuroscience (See About Jonathan Walker, M.D.)  Neurotherapy Center of Dallas is the result of those years of medical experience.  This clinic is a traditional neurological practice with forward-thinking, cutting-edge approaches.  We are dedicated to helping patients discover and overcome problems.

There are growing concerns about the dangerous and long-lasting side effects of some medications.  While I recommend drugs for some problems, often drugs just mask problems by treating the symptoms and not curing the cause of the problems.

At Neurotherapy Center of Dallas our mission is, whenever possible, to use ways to relieve problems without medication and without side effects.  One of our methods is QEEG-guided neurotherapy, a treatment that relieves many problems so the patient no longer needs drugs. 

Services offered include:  Neurological Consultation and Management, EEG, QEEG or brainmapping, Neurotherapy, also known as neurofeedback

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