New Hampshire Family Ties

Address: 70 Pembroke Rd
Concord, NH 03301
Phone: (800) 499-4153 Ext 241 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Welcome to New Hampshire Family Ties. Learning that your child has a disability and/or special medical needs can be challenging. Living with and embracing these challenges is a journey you will take as a family.

As a parent, you will have questions and concerns about coping with your child’s needs as well as your own feelings. You are not alone and you may want the support of others.

New Hampshire Family Ties offers: Emotional support, insight and understanding for parents when they learn their child has special needs, or when their child may be going through a transitional period Parent Matches between Supporting Parents, who “have been there” with referred parents of children with special needs (medical, developmental, emotional, learning) Information and Referral to community resources, services, support groups, state support programs, and others Training for parents who would like to become volunteer Supporting Parents A state-wide network of regional Parent to Parent coordinators

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