Newfound School

Address: 2206 Heads Ln., Suite 110
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: (214) 390-1749 Email: Website:

Newfound School is named after Newfound Lake located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. The lake is unspoiled, pure, and surrounded by beautiful mountains. It is a very peaceful place. Likewise, Newfound School, in Carrollton, Texas is a place of learning and a source of inspiration in a peaceful setting. Our school is designed to provide meaningful instruction and learning in a caring, nurturing atmosphere.

Newfound is a school with a challenging academic focus, and a social skills component as an integral part of the curriculum. We serve students in grades (PreK-12), and have programs for ages two through twenty-five for learners with learning and/or behavior challenges. Our specialties include: Autism, Asberger's, PDD, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges, Bipolar, ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Dyslexia, Intellectual Disabilities, Fragile X, Medical Challenges, and Physical Challenges. Students with other needs will be considered on a case by case basis. Newfound's curriculum is comprehensive. We have a small student to staff ratio to insure individual attention. A learning plan based on individual strengths and weaknesses is developed for each child. Newfound's Executive Director, Dr. Marsha Guernsey, has a Doctorate in Education and many years of experience with regular and special education. Executive Director is "hands on" and actively involved with all aspects of the school. 

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