NOD – National Organization on Disabilities

Address: 77 Water Street, Suite 204
New York, NY 10005
Phone: (646) 505-1191 Fax: (646) 5051184 Email: Website:

The National Organization on Disability (NOD) is a private, non-profit organization that promotes the full participation of America’s 56 million people with disabilities in all aspects of life. Today, NOD focuses on increasing employment opportunities for the 79 percent of working-age Americans with disabilities who are not employed.

With programs on the ground, NOD is demonstrating new employment practices and models of service delivery, evaluating results, and sharing successful approaches for widespread replication. We are conducting research on disability employment issues, including the field’s most widely used polls on employment trends and the quality of life for people with disabilities. And our subject matter experts in disability and employment provide consulting services to public agencies and employers seeking to harness the unique talents that people with disabilities can bring to the workforce.

To achieve our goals, we work in partnership with employers, schools, the military, service providers, researchers, and disability advocates. Our current employment programs benefit individuals with disabilities looking for employment, high school students with disabilities transitioning into the workforce, seriously wounded, ill and injured veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, employers seeking to expand existing diversity initiatives to include people with disabilities, and state governments engaged in policy reform.

Founded in 1982, NOD is one of the oldest cross-disability organizations in the country, and remains one of the few organizations committed to representing all Americans with disabilities, regardless of their particular condition or circumstances.

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