Nursing and Rehabilitation, Pathways Center

Address: 1805 Providence Avenue
Niskayuna, NY 12309
Phone: 518-374-2212 Fax: 518-374-4330 Email: Website:

Our Mission

Pathways mission is to provide a safe, warm, loving, rehabilitative, nursing and homelike environment with sincere care and attention to those who have placed their trust in us.

Foster an environment of understanding and support to residents and their families.
Continually upgrade the environment and strive to adjust to the changing needs of our residents, staff and the community.
Recognize each resident as a unique individual and constantly work with them to obtain their highest level of psychological and physical well-being.
Recognize that education of residents, family members and staff functions interactively so that all parties are learners.
Promote and preserve dignity and individuality of those we serve.
To provide the ”Best Patient Experience” and attract, develop and retain the “Best People”.

Our Facility Offers

Comprehensive Rehabilitation – An effective alternative to extended hospitalization. We utilize early intervention and aggressive treatment for short term stays and fast medical recovery.
Residential Long Term Care – A safe supportive environment that emphasizes maximum independence and individuality.
Rehabilitation, Medical and Short Term Care for Adults in need of certified brain injury rehabilitation. Short term intensive rehabilitation with respiratory and ventilator services.
Stepping Stones at Hilltop. Comprehensive Rehabilitation and Medical Care for young people with certified brain injury status- Birth through age nineteen.
Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Medical Services for both adults and Pediatrics
Extensive Medical/Nursing Care
Rehabilitation Therapies
Respiratory Therapy/Ventilator Services
Specialized Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Behavior Management
Respite Services
Neuropsychological Testing
Family Support, Education and Training
Aggressive Discharge Planning
School Programs
In house Pharmacy Services

Our Facility Offers
Traumatic Brain Injury Rehabilitation
Subacute Rehabilitation & Complex Medical Care
Respiratory Therapy, Ventilator & Tracheotomy Care,
IV Therapy Services
Intensive Rehabilitation Services
Peritoneal Dialysis (Cortland)
24-Hour Nursing Care


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