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Nursing Enterprise, Inc. (NEI), a minority-certified corporation is now an established Home Health Agency in the metropolitan area with an excellent reputation for responding to referrals in a timely manner as well as providing high quality services.


Our mission at Nursing Enterprise Inc. is to provide comprehensive and high quality home health services with compassion to the acutely and chronically ill, frail and elderly clients regardless of race, age, creed or gender.


Home Health Care Services


Home care for Acutely Ill Patient — includes skilled therapeutic hospitalization, or for the patient who choose to remain at home, as an alternative to hospitalization. The care provided would be at level equal to that of the hospital setting, with the goal of achieving maximum level comfort and wellness and to return them to their pre-hospitalization level health.


Home care for the chronically Ill patients — includes supportive care by home health aides, homemakers or chore aides, carefully supervised and monitored by a registered nurse. This level would include patients with chronic long term health care who do not require intensive skilled care, but are incapable of taking care of themselves due to physical and/or mental limitation. Patients at this level are particularly at high risk when placed in a nursing home or intermediate care facility. The goal of this care is to assist patients to achieve their maximum level of independence despite their chronic illness, allowing them to remain in their own homes.


Home care for the frail Elderly — These particular groups of patients do not have a chronic or actual health problem, but need some minimal assistance with self-care activities, such as shopping, meal preparations, and housekeeping. The goal of this level is to foster maximum independence while providing minimal support, occupational, and speech therapists.


Rehabilitative Home Care — The goal of rehabilitation is to restore clients to their desired level of activity and to their previous physical level of functioning. Rehabilitative nursing and therapy sessions are capable of attaining this goal. The expectation at this level is that patients will fully return to their previous lifestyle and level of health. Rehabilitative home care is usually provided by physical, occupational, and speech therapists.


Traditional Home Care Services


Skilled Nursing (SN)The provision of; instruction and monitoring of the therapeutic regimen under a physician's order. These services are performed by registered nurse.


Physical Therapy (PT) — the treatment of human disability, injury, or disease by supervised therapeutic procedures on order to secure functional rehabilitation and/or maintenance of the human body. These services are performed by licensed physical therapists.


Speech Therapy (ST) — the identification, assessment, and treatment of individuals with speech, language, or hearing disorders. These services are performed by certified speech therapists.


Occupational Therapy (OT) — Treatment utilizing oriented activities to prevent, correct, or ameliorate physical or emotional deficiencies of the individual, with special emphasis on the development and function skills needed throughout life. These services are provided by certified occupational therapists.


Medical Social Services (MSS) — The provision of psychosocial assessments and supporting counseling, information referral, placement assistance, service management, and financial assistance. These services are provided by master's degree prepared social workers.


Homemaker-Home Health Aide (HHA) – The provision of care for the maintenance of one's body, including toileting, dressing, bathing, hair and nail care, assistance with eating and other hands-on activities. These services are provided by trained aides who hold a certificate of training.




Private Duty – Depending on the patient's needs and/or preference, a registered nurse or licensed practical nurse can provide services in the client's home, a nursing home or a hospital. Care can be planned for four, eight, or twenty-four hour periods. NEI's structure incorporates a complete home health care program and can easily accommodate allied health services such as physical, occupational or speech therapy, as needed.


AIDS Patient Care – NEI staff is equipped to help meet the growing need for quality compassionate health services to persons with AIDS. Specially trained and educated health care providers offer emotional support and comfort for patients.


Early Discharge Maternity Program – NEI seeks to provide the ultimate in family centered maternity care by offering post-partum maternity care in the home. Skilled obstetric nurses provide excellent follow-up care for mothers discharged within 24 hours after delivery. Instructions regarding the normal changes of mother and baby is given during prenatal home visits. Home Health aids are available to give assistance to new mothers. NEI's early discharge home care program allows maternity clients to reduce their in-patient length of stay to one and a half days normal deliveries and four and a half for Cesarean deliveries.


High Technology Home Care – The services offered through this program includes chemotherapy, hyper-alimentation, special intravenous feeding, and antibiotic therapy.


In-Home Support Services – The services offered through this program are targeted for mentally retarded/developmentally disabled persons. Support services are provided to clients in their own residential environment, and to clients who also require The provision of escort services for medical appointments, recreational activities, shopping and travel training as needed.


Therapeutic Aide Services – These services are offered to high risk child welfare and emergency service families to help these families change behaviors that result in abuse and neglect of children. The aides assist each client in achieving the maximum degree of self-sufficiency, which he/she is capable of attaining to remain in his/her home.


Other Services – Of particular importance in the Washington D.C area is the need to be sensitive to the diverse cultural nature of the city. Some members of NEI's staff are bilingual. Interpreters are available for the hearing and visually impaired on an as needed basis.


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