Oklahoma CareerTech

Address: 1500 West 7th Avenue
Stillwater, OK 74074-4364
Phone: (405) 377-2000 x138 Website: http://www.okcareertech.org/


"In the 20th century, career and technology education advanced in both ideology and technology. Today, it is a comprehensive system that significantly contributes to the states' economic development and quality of life.
Oklahoma's system is often used as a model for programs across the United States and around the world. The Oklahoma Department of Career and Technology Education provides leadership and resources to ensure standards of excellence throughout the statewide system. The system offers its programs and services throughout nearly 400 public school districts, 29 technology centers with 57 campus sites and 16 skills centers located in correctional facilities. Each technology center works closely with advisers from local industry to ensure that students learn the skills needed to be valued members of the workforce.
Annually, enrollments in CareerTech classes are about 500,000. CareerTech provides nationally recognized competency-based curriculum, education, and training for a myriad of specialized and customized courses and training opportunities. This curriculum is developed with the input of industry professionals, using skills standards to identify the knowledge and abilites needed to master an occupation.
Competency-based education enables CareerTech to provide students with the skills employers are seeking in the workplace.
Oklahoma CareerTech is leading the nation in the development of Career Clusters, which group occupations together based on commonalities. Schools will use these clusters as an organizational tool to help students identify pathways from secondary school to career and technology education, colleges, graduate schools and the workplace. The Career Clusters show students how what they are learning in school links to the knowledge and skills needed for their success in postsecondary education/training and future careers."
Alternate Phone: 405-743-5138

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