Opportunity Village ARC

Address: 6050 S. Buffalo Drive
Las Vegas, NV 89113
Phone: (702) 259-3700 Email: brownt@opportunityvillage.org Website: http://www.opportunityvillage.org/

Opportunity Village is a not-for-profit organization that serves people within the Las Vegas, Nevada community with significant intellectual disabilities, to enhance their lives and the lives of their families.


Opportunity Village focuses our efforts on assuring that people with significant intellectual disabilities have the opportunity to live, work and play in our community. Significant intellectual disabilities may be caused by genetics (e.g. Down Syndrome), disease (e.g. stroke), environmental depravation, traumatic brain injury, or a combination of factors.


While we provide services to people with other disabilities, our emphasis will always be on people with significant intellectual disabilities. When Opportunity Village develops “service contracts” (e.g. custodial, food service, etc.) at least 75% of the hours (other than supervisory & management) will be worked by people with severe disabilities and 50% of those hours will be worked by people with significant intellectual disabilities.



Opportunity Village believes in promoting choice for people with significant intellectual disabilities.  We believe in supporting people as an extension of their family.  We will strive to help counsel and guide them in making choices in their (and their family’s) best interests, choices regarding their type of employment, training, activities and/or services that best meet their predetermined goals.



Opportunity Village believes that people with significant intellectual disabilities should have the opportunity to live, work and play side-by-side with other “non-disabled” people in our community and we will continue to provide services in a variety of locations (facility-based and community-based).



Opportunity Village has a solemn sense of duty to the people we serve, their families, our staff, and our volunteers to assure that all of our programs, services, and events are operated with the safety of all participants in mind.



Although Opportunity Village uses government “fees for service” to partially subsidize services for people with significant intellectual disabilities, we do not rely on these fees for the majority of our revenue. This self-sufficiency is a trademark of Opportunity Village and a trait which brings us great pride.  We will continue to underscore our self-sufficiency while ensuring that, from our foundation, we are never self-centered, always giving of our time and talent to other organizations in the community who may be in need of our help.

We work hard to earn every penny we receive; including the fees we receive for vocational training, employment and other services from the Division of Mental Health and Developmental Services (MH/DS), the Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and other agencies.  These fees are paid by the State to Opportunity Village ARC to provide habilitation and rehabilitation services to people with a variety of disabilities.  They are not gifts or grants but are similar to fees paid to for-profit organizations that provide similar services. Opportunity Village leverages these fees to generate contract income and donations. Fee and grant income amounted to less than 30% of the combined revenue of OV/ARC and OV Foundation in 2011.



Opportunity Village will continually strive to provide high quality programs and services in equally high quality facilities, seeking improvements and growth opportunities at every turn to ensure we serve all of the people with significant disabilities in southern Nevada who want to participate in our Programs. 



People respect and value what we do and they also respect the people we serve.  We will continue to guard our reputation and constantly look for ways to promote the welfare of people with significant intellectual disabilities.  Our knowledgeable, experienced and talented management team is frequently called upon to share its wisdom, providing advice and counsel to other non-profits and businesses.



Opportunity Village has worked diligently to develop an outstanding reputation in the community as experts in the field of intellectual disabilities, disability rights, vocational rehabilitation, fundraising and many other subjects related to the people we serve.  We will continue to bolster, refine and expand our expertise in these and other areas.  We will support our staff in continuing their education (both formal and informal) and we will encourage them to share their expertise at the local, regional, national, and international levels.



We will continually strive to establish mutually beneficial relationships with our broad range of stakeholders to ensure the ongoing growth and success of Opportunity Village and the people we serve.



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