Ortho Montana Rehabilitation Services

Address: 2900 12th Avenue N, Suite 140W, Yellowstone Medical Building
Billings, MT 59101
Phone: (406) 237-5050 Website: http://www.montanabones.com/?page=rehab

The rehabilitation center at Ortho Montana specializes in restoring function and quality of life in individuals with musculoskeletal deficiencies. Our rehabilitation team is dedicated to providing quality, compassionate care. Through extensive training and continuing education we strive to provide cutting edge therapy techniques for optimal return of a healthy, productive lifestyle. Our rehabilitation centers offer a variety of therapy services to serve all populations and musculoskeletal needs. We provide both conservative and post-operative care. Each patient's program is custom tailored so that they are given every opportunity to have a superior outcome. We have all of the most cutting edge modalities, modern equipment, and access to a full athletic gym.

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