Pacific ADA Center – DBTAC

Address: 555 12th Street, Suite 1030
Oakland, CA 94607-4046
Phone: (510) 285-5600 Fax: (510) 2855614 Website:


"The purpose of the Pacific ADA Center is to build a partnership between the disability and business communities and to promote full and unrestricted participation in society for persons with disabilities through education and technical assistance.
The Pacific ADA Center is one of ten Regional centers nationally that have been set up to provide information and referral, training, consultation, and technical assistance to the business, state and local government, and disability communities about their responsibilities and rights under the Americans with Disabilities Act. In 2006, the Center received funding to conduct research. Currently two research projects are underway: Employment Strategies for People with Disabilities and Understanding Employer Disability Practices.
The Center includes over 60 consultants, a small staff and subcontracts with more than 38 entities region wide. Nationally, the Center participates in nationwide training projects and the development of materials for broad base distribution. Pacific ADA Center works directly with the Departments of Justice, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, Department of Transportation, and the Federal Communications Commission to implement the Americans with Disabilities Act."
Conducts community outreach and region-wide dissemination of newsletters and materials
Coordinates and conducts regional conferences
Provides hotline technical assistance for the ADA
Coordinate the provision of on-site technical assistance. 


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