Pacific Transit System

Address: 216 N Second Street
Raymond, WA 98577
Phone: (360) 875-9418 Fax: (360) 9423193 Email: Website:

Contact: Tim Russ


"To ride on the Dial-A-Ride you must be at least one of the following:
Be disabled or ADA Certified (non-certified disabled ADA customers will be given a form to fill out).
Be a senior 65 years or older.
Coming or going somewhere off the main bus route by more than ¼ of a mile.
ADA Certified passengers have first priority for Dial-A-Ride reservations. They can bump a non-ADA passenger's reserved pick-up time, up to the day before of travel. The bumped passenger will be notified of the change. Number of Paratransit Vehicles: 6. Service Area: Pacific County. "
TDD: 800-833-6388

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