Parent to Parent Power – Tacoma

Address: 6316 So. 12th St.
Tacoma, WA 98465
Phone: (253) 565-2266 Fax: (253) 566-8052 Email: Website:

Parent to Parent Power provides valuable information to community members needing the support and resources to ensure their child with needs revceives adequate care and support. We also provide specialized support for Asian community members who have difficulties with language, educational,or cultural challenges. To date there are very few organizations with the ability to provide adequate and quality services tailored to culturally specific populations. At this time, there are thousands of Asian families who do not seek professional assistance for their children with disabilities. Asian Cultures commonly posses negative religious and political theories and social stigmas regarding having a child with disabilities. This has a tremendous negative impact on the families' life as they become socially and mentally withdrawn from the community. As a result, their child receives limited or no services due to the lack of knowledge and involvement with the larger community. Thanks to the support provided by Parent to Parent Power, parents develop confidence and are better prepared to meet the needs of their children. A unique bonding occurs between parents and the Parent to Parent Education and Support Specialist, establishing an almost immediate rapport and providing a chance to share common feelings and experiences.

24-hour warm line: (253) 777-1475

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