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White Plains, NY 10601
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Who We Are
Family Ties of Westchester is a grassroots organization that provides advocacy and support services to families of children with social, emotional, and behavioral difficulties. At its various Resource Centers in Mount Vernon, Port Chester, Ossining, Peekskill, White Plains and Yonkers, Family Ties offers support groups, training in parenting skills, advocacy efforts, and respite opportunities. Family Ties recognizes parents as full partners in planning for their children's treatment and services and helps empower them to take part in the decision-making process.

What We Do
Family Ties provides a wide variety of support groups for parents, grandparents, siblings, foster parents, and dads only. We offer specialized groups to the parents of very young children, and services to parents with their own psychiatric disabilities. Family Ties also provides case management services and recruites, trains, and certifies foster parents in Westchester County. In addition to respite opportunities, parent skills training, and recreational opportunities, parent retreats, educational workshops, leadership training and spokesperson training are also available. Family Ties strives to keep children in the community, at home with their families and provides advocacy services, one-to-one work with families, and telephone support.

Programs and Services:

Every Kid Counts
Program provides support, advocacy and case management for families who have been involved with Child Protective Services. By building on the strengths of the family, Every Kid Counts strives to keep children safe in successfully functioning families. This program is currently available in the Mount Vernon and Peekskill communities.

Foster Parent R-TECS (Recruitement, Training, Education, Certification, Support)
The TECS program offers training, education, certification, and support for prospective foster parents in Westchester County. TECS helps ensure the success of some of our highest risk children and supports the families who will care for them.

Community Networks
Family Ties provides advocacy and support services for families entering the Westchester Community Network (Child and Family Team) process. Family Ties staff screens and sets up Network meetings, often facilitates and regularly participates in follow-up support circles.

Grandparents ROCK (Raising Our Children's Kids)
This program provides activities, respite, and recreational programs to grandparents who are the primary caretakers for their grandchildren.

Early Childhood Services
Family Ties serves as the family voice in an Early Childhood system-of-care effort in Westchester. Conducts Family Support services and leads family decision making efforts.

Family Network
Family Ties provides family voice and support services to families where there is an adult with significant mental health issues of their own. Has responsibility for setting up network meetings and participating in each network.

Single Point of Accountability
A Family Ties Representative participates in the SPOA process by contacting each family and working with that family to prepare them for entry into Children's Mental Health services for youngsters at the high-end of service need and connect them with Family Support services.

Daughters of Destiny
This program combines an evidence-based curriculum with a community focused/community driven Family Support model for young girls in the Juvenile Justice System that are at serious risk of placement or entering detention.

Single Point of Entry and Return
A Family Ties Representative participates in the SPOE and SPOR cross-system process for entry to and return from residential services for county youth.


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