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Parents of Special Children, Inc. funded by the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities, private donations and local fund raising events. We are a parent driven organization, dedicated to family empowerment and improving the quality of the everyday lives of special needs families. The primary service we provide is family support reimbursement for respite.

The purpose of the FRP is to assist the family by providing monetary assistance to cover goods and services not covered by other funding sources. Some needs that may be covered under this program are respite care and adaptive equipment. Respite is not a luxury. It is often the key to the health of caregivers, advocated, family and friends. It can sustain us when a day seems like a week; it can give us the comfort of knowing that our loved one is getting a break from our stress. Often respite provides our children an opportunity for integration and peer relationships that might otherwise never come to be. Some respite experiences might include:

respite childcare: in or out of home care, overnight care
summer camp
recreational activities: bowling, swimming, gymnastics, dance classes, karate, horseback riding, etc.

Our Education Resource Program can help families in search for answers to the special education process. If you need assistance regarding your family member's Individual Education Plan (IEP), the advocate, acting on behalf of the parents, will have a more direct involvement in the Special Education Process. As your partner, your advocate is able to:

attend school meetings, mediation, and or neutral conference sessions with you
make phone calls to gather and/or clarify information
explore/observe alternative programs
help to protect the child's rights under federal and state laws and regulations
offer a trained ear to help parents absorb meeting dynamics and take comprehensive notes
actively participate in negotiations regarding evaluations, IEP and placement
ask clarifying questions on behalf of the parent
evaluate meeting outcomes and help to identify the next steps
assist you in developing a more individualized and appropriate IEP
assist in monitoring IEP progress
help identify when legal counsel is needed
(Our agency does not provide legal representation as an attorney of law may provide. A referral to legal counsel may be necessary, and you should seek such counsel if you are concerned about your rights)

Autism Connections-Began in 2007 because of many request from our families. Connections provided the opportunity for families who have children on the Autism Spectrum to connect with each other. They meet the first Tuesday of each month to discuss many different topics, to share ideas and offer support.


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