PARK Disability Service Provider

Address: 3190 Tyrone Boulevard North
St. Petersburg, FL 33710
Phone: (727) 345-9111 Email: Website:

PARC is proud to provide over 40 services to over 800 children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. By sharing our incredible stories, PARC strives to spread the vision, mission and values that have been instilled throughout PARC’s history.

PARC helps children and adults focus on what they can do rather than what they are unable to do. Children and their families receive early intervention services from an interdisciplinary team including teachers, social workers, nurses, behavior analysts, and therapists. Services can be given on the PARC campus, at the child’s home or in an environment chosen by the family.

Children’s Services:
Children’s Services At The Discovery Learning Center – The Discovery Learning Center is the only child care provider in Pinellas County offering Early Intervention Services to children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, including those diagnosed with and/or “at-risk” for developmental delays, behavior concerns and autism.
Contact Information Denise Pilgrim

Children Respite Care – To find out more about Children’s Respite Services from PARC, please call 727-345-9111.

Therapy Services – Thoresen Foundation Rainforest Therapy Center
Emphasis is placed on therapy for the children attending the Discovery Learning Center. Depending on the child’s needs, one-on-one speech, physical and/or occupational therapy are offered daily at the Thoresen Foundation Rainforest Therapy Center. Lampert’s Home Therapy, Inc.

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