Pedal with Pete Foundation [For Research on Cerebral Palsy]

Address: P.O. Box 1233
Worthington, OH 43085
Phone: (800) 304-7383 Fax: (330) 6731240 Email: Website:

"The Pedal-with-Pete Foundation is a community of volunteers who work to raise funds for cerebral palsy (CP) research through bike rides and walks. Established by Pete Zeidner, who has CP, in Kent, Ohio, these events have spread to Columbus, Ohio and Emmetsburg, Iowa.

Through these events, grants of approximately $50,000 per year are awarded to researchers to further their work developing treatment for CP, research that is truly making a difference for people with cerebral palsy – 800,000 in the US alone. Since the Foundation is completely run by volunteers and works hard to keep costs down through generous donations of supplies from the community, 85% of every dollar raised goes directly to cerebral palsy research.

CP is a neurological condition usually developed during the birth process, when the brain is damaged by a lack of oxygen. Its affects can range from a small hand tremor to someone who is completely bed-bound. In spite of an advanced case of CP, Pete has ridden a recumbent bicycle great distances, raising money for CP research. His perseverance, like that of many others with CP, inspires us."

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