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Northland Pediatric Associates is designed with children, young adults and families in mind. Our educated staff provide your child with the best possible medical attention during these important years of development. We are committed to providing you and your child with prompt, professional and courteous service.

WELL BABY EXAMS (Birth to 12 months) – Growth, development, safety, nutrition, vaccines as well as up-to-date news and education are all part of the Well Baby Exam. Visits should be approximately every 2 months during the first year.

WELL CHILD/TEEN EXAMS (One year and beyond) – Growth, development, safety, nutrition, vaccines, as well as up-to-date news and education as it pertains to children, teens and young adults. This may also include an annual sports physical. We highly recommend the sport physical is given at Northland Pediatric Associates in order to assure proper assessment of your child.

CHILDHOOD ILLNESSES – Most of the common childhood illnesses are handled on a daily basis. Fevers, acute illness of the respiratory tract, GI system and urinary tract issues are just a few common encounters at Northland Pediatric Associates.

Kid's Corner- Your source for health, safety and education for children.
Children have different health care needs than adults. This may include both physical and emotional needs. Pediatricians are trained to prevent and treat common health problems in infants, children, teens and young adults. As your child grows, your Pediatrician can not only be an important source for health care and injuries, but also for all sorts of health advice including:
Being too thin or too heavy
Emotional and behavioral problems
Helping children cope with issues like divorce and death
School or learning problems, and Family problems

TEEN SPOT – Full of information designed to keep teens and their families informed of the most up-to-date information as it pertains to teen healthcare. Look for key areas of interest such as Safety, Education and Vaccines that are relevant to preteens, teens and young adults.

Not only do pediatricians perform annual physicals/sports physicals and update vaccines, he/she can also respond to your teen's special needs and can offer advice and counseling on:
Birth control
Body changes during puberty
Coping and being happy with oneself and with others
Dating and sexual issues
Eating disorders
Gang problems
Growth and hygiene
Substance abuse
Violence and related problems


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