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Pediatric Martial Arts, in conjunction with Hwang Martial Arts and Del Martial Arts LLC, has been offering traditional martial arts instruction since 1975. We have the most comprehensive special needs martial arts program in the entire USA. In addition, we provide group and private instruction for the entire family, school based programs, corporate wellness and consulting.  Pediatric Martial Arts has been offering martial arts instruction for tots, children, youths and adults in the Union and Essex County areas since 1975.   Our classic martial arts philosophies speak to every aspect of the “self.” It’s our mission to totally integrate a student’s intellect, emotions, body and spirit into an entire person who is happy, strong and confident.

Our Programs Include:

Mommy / Daddy & Me – This fun and exciting program is geared to 2 to 3 year olds and helps improve balance, coordination, focus and social interactions. A caring instructor guides you and your child towards these goals.

Tots – This program is for ages 3 to 5. Activities include learning to focus and improving listening skills. In addition, this 30-minute class will help channel your tot's energy and excitement into personal growth and maturity.

Children – For ages 5 and older, this class is designed to build confidence, balance and respect for others in a safe, organized and enjoyable setting. Each child is monitored and advanced according to specific, individual goals and progress. Parents are involved through scheduled assessment meetings.

Youth & Adult – These programs are designed with all levels of advancement in mind. Special attention is given to beginners. A focused curriculum teaches traditional martial arts application and methodology.

Special Needs Martial Arts
Pediatric Martial Arts Special Needs Classes.  In 1995, Master Paul Del Sordo was approached by the Pediatric Rehabilitation Department of Saint Barnabas Medical Center to develop a special needs karate program. This challenge intrigued him. Since the inception of this program, Master Del Sordo has witnessed the effect of a structured martial arts program and the impact it can have on children with a wide variety of developmental delays. He currently has the most comprehensive, inclusive recreational martial arts program in the country. The inherent structure of martial arts helps improve the gross and fine motor skills, speech, language, and social skills of special needs children. With the guidance of pediatric specialists, Master Del Sordo has developed a special needs curriculum designed to achieve the regular karate testing requirements, specialized ranking system and a special needs divisional criteria for competing in tournaments. Master Del Sordo has found his passion in teaching traditional martial arts to children who might otherwise not be able to participate in a recreational program. Our staff of certified instructors are assisted by a behaviorist, child psychologist, physical therapist and LCSW.

Contact Pediatric Martial Arts today at 973-467-3939 or 908-233-2284 to find out more about our martial arts programs, or browse our website for more information about special needs martial arts or outside services.


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