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Pediatric Neurobehavioral Diagnostics has several speciality clinics and laboratories to best met your child’s needs.

Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluations – This detailed examination includes a consultation with the doctor and a comprehensive assessment examining several areas of neurocognitive functioning.  The evaluations are specialized to each child’s needs.  The exact length of the evaluation will depend on the child’s symptoms and presenting concerns.  For more information about this type of evaluation and details about neuropsychology, click HERE.

Infant & Toddler Lab – Specializing in developmental assessments for children 3 years and younger. 

Cognitive & Assessment Lab – Not all children necessarily require a comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation.  However, many parents may be interested in knowing their child’s intellectual and/or academic functioning. This type of brief assessment can assist to better understand where a child’s abilities are compared to their same-aged peers.  Additionally, this assessment can assist with educational planning (e.g., gifted & talented class placements, IEP).   Testing usually takes 1-2 hours and a brief report will be provided that includes a description of the child’s performance.  Of note, if this brief assessment reveals any concerns, then a more comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may be recommended.

As a provider of Innovative Health Care Concepts, Pediatric Neurobehavioral Diagnostics is proud to be a part of a multidisciplinary team providing these additional services and treatments:

Psychological Evaluations
Functional Behavioral Assessments
Habilitative Intervention (formally known as intensive behavioral intervention)
Habilitative Supports (formally known as developmental therapy)
Respite Services
Family Training & Education
Crisis Support
Psychosocial Rehabilitation
Family counseling, play therapy, and individual therapy
Social Skills Training Groups
Life Skill Training
Personal Care Services
Residential Habilitation

We also work closely with other doctors and professionals in the community offering the following services:

Pediatric Neurology
Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
Speech/Language Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Physical Therapy

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