Pediatric Rehabilitation at WellSpan York Hospital

Address: 1001 S. George St., WellSpan Rehabilitation - Pediatric WellSpan York Hospital - Pediatrics
York, PA 17403
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WellSpan Pediatric Rehabilitation is able to offer a full spectrum pediatric therapy services. We are dedicated in providing services to families to assist with helping their children achieve their fullest potential. Therapy sessions are provided at WellSpan York Hospital in a pediatric setting. Evening appointments are available.

For more information or to request an appointment please call the number above.

Services Offered at This Location
Physical Therapy
Comprehensive evaluation of a variety of diagnoses and treatment that includes:

Therapeutic exercise
Functional mobility
Gait training
Soft tissue mobilization
Neuromuscular re-education
Electrical stimulation
Aquatic therapy
Serial casting
Lower extremity splinting
Orthotic recommendations

Family education and training

Occupational Therapy
Comprehensive evaluation and treatment in:
Sensory processing
Dressing skill
Upper extremity strength
Fine motor strength
Play skills Address
sensory integration and processing difficulties including:

Aversions to multiple textures Decreased body awareness
Difficulty with modulation of body during tasks
Speech Therapy
Comprehensive evaluation and individual/group treatment which targets the following areas:
Articulation Receptive / Expressive language Pragmatic / Social skills Stuttering Voice
Cochlear Implant (Aural Rehabilitation)
Cleft palate Augmentative and alternative communication (communication devices)
Feeding Clinic

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