Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona

Address: 2600 N Wyatt Drive
Tucson, AZ 85712
Phone: (520) 324-3150 Email: ppsa@pilotparents.org Website: http://pilotparents.org/


"As long as there have been children with disabilities, parents have been supporting each other in many informal ways, sharing experiences and information. The first formalized program for providing parent support began in Omaha, Nebraska in the mid-1970’s and became known as the Pilot Parents Program.
In 1979 Pilot Parents was established in Arizona by a small group of interested parents and professionals. The Board of Directors is composed of parents and professionals whose children have a wide variety of disabilities. PPSA has trained and formed a network of active volunteers. This network, which has grown from a small number of volunteers to several hundred statewide over the last 32 years, is the backbone of the support system provided for families."

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