Plasticity Brain Centers – Neuro Rehabilitation Therapy Program

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Plasticity Brain Centers offers non-invasive neuro rehabilitation based on a single scientific principle: the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout a patient’s entire life. This is made possible through engagement with targeted neuro-receptors in a concept known as “neuroplasticity,” an approach widely accepted by the scientific community, only available in leading-edge treatment centers. Our board-certified doctors and neurology specialists, supported by a hand-selected staff of patient care coordinators and therapists, provide you an innovative and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment model delivering exceptional outcomes to exceptional patients, unleashing your brain’s potential now.

If you want to improve your neurological function using a research-based approach, contact Plasticity Brain Centers today at (877)-420-5807. Plasticity Brain Centers offers intensive and innovative therapy regimens to address the specific needs of each of our patients. By applying the science of neuroplasticity in the form of innovative therapy and industry-standard diagnostic tools, we restore or enhance function to the brain, improving quality of life and neurological performance. While our treatment is intensive, it is never uncomfortable—it is about stimulating your brain’s natural capacity for growth and change.

Our therapists and neuroscience expert clinicians work together to rebuild neural pathways that will improve your brain’s function, improving your neurological, mental, and physical performance, as well as quality of life.

Our patients include individuals of all ages experiencing effects of:
Degenerative conditions
Concussions/brain injuries
Learning and developmental challenges
Complex neurological syndromes

What We Treat at Plasticity Brain Centers™
Brain Injuries
Hypoxic Brain Injury
Developmental Disorders
Cerebral Palsy

Brain Optimization
Movement Disorders
Neurodegenerative Conditions

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