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The mission of PLEA, a family and professional partnership, is to help individuals with behavioral or developmental difficulties to function to their fullest potential as effective members of their community through advocacy and family-focused support and educational services. We provide specialized programs to meet these basic needs while also helping our clients move into a journey of growth and personal fulfillment. Through appropriate education, vocational training, recreational programs and community living options, we are proud to help individuals and their families lead dignified and productive lives while striving to reach their fullest potential.

Because no single type of program will meet the needs of everyone, selection of a program is based on a full assessment of each person’s abilities, needs and interests. Behavioral and developmental challenges affect entire families and PLEA therefore promotes the active and informed involvement of family members in all planning of individualized services and support.

The Respite Care program arranges for well-trained staff to provide quality care in the home of children with behavioral health or developmental difficulties. The care of these children is, at times, difficult for even their own family members. Their behavior often exceeds the understanding of a mature, traditional babysitter. A trained caregiver can help relieve families who tend to isolate and find themselves unable to deal with the daily obligations for them and their families.

Respite Program
Respite providers can help a family take care of their own medical appointments; errands like grocery shopping and banking or even participate in furthering education opportunities. The support and relief provided by PLEA caregivers can help families manage their lives to a higher degree.

The BHRS program provides intensive, individualized service to children with disabilities to support their participation in the home, school, and/or community.

Our program foundation subscribes to the principles of applied behavior analysis and offers a variety of treatment models including Generative Instruction, Discrete Trial, activity based schedules, TEACCH, and naturalistic teaching to improve the attention, imitation, language, tool skills, and social skills of children with autism and other disorders. Our wraparound program provides: Evaluators who work directly with the team, including the family Staff training that exceeds requirements 24 hour on call consultation A strong focus on quality of intervention

The Summer Camp program provides structured recreational activities for children with serious emotional, behavioral and developmental disabilities. The camp gives the children an opportunity to experience fun summer activities with friends. Designed for children ages 3-18, the goal of the program is to reinforce the behavior management lessons that children have learned during the school year.

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