Plum Creek Academy

Address: 8236 Carder Court
Littleton, CO 80125-9704
Phone: (303) 470-5424 Website:

"A special education program serving middle and high school students in the Douglas County School District.Plum Creek Academy is a special education program that has been meeting the needs of students in the Douglas County School District since 1993.  We deliver specialized instruction in two unique programs.

The Significant Identifiable Emotional Disability (SIED) program offers services for students whose emotional disabilities deny them access to or progress in the general curriculum that is offered in their neighborhood school environment.
The Dual Diagnosis program offers services for students who experience cognitive impairment with co-occurring emotional and behavioral disabilities.
Both programs at Plum Creek Academy may also serve as an interim placement for students transitioning from residential treatment centers or hospital settings back to the school district.

Consistent with our mission of providing a safe, supportive and empowering educational community, Plum Creek Academy provides a high level of mental health services and a modified core curriculum aimed at stabilizing students emotionally and academically.  To this end, we afford students a low student to staff ratio and a significantly smaller school environment to meet their individualized needs."

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