Polfit Wellness Inc. – CALIFORNIA

Address: 2563 W. Woodland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92801
Phone: (714) 828-1293 Fax: (714) 5277354 Email: Contact@Polfit.com Website: http://www.polfit.com

Our program consists of 3 phases of therapy:

                                 1. "UGUL" Cage Exercise

                                 2. Suit Therapy

                                 3. Spider Web Therapy

Our month-long intensive sessions are 5 days a week for 5 hours per day. The intensity and techniques used in this session often helps patients reach their next milestone in their rehabilitation. 


Our therapists have an extensive education and background in the Polish methods.

Polfit Wellness, a Polish Fitness Center for individuals of all ages with special needs, opened in 2007 in Anaheim, CA. The Polfit Team consists of primarily Polish therapists authentically trained in the Polish methods and equipment used in our program. Polfit brings this highly sought-after, genuine therapy to America, preventing families from having to travel to Europe for the true form of these techniques.

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