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Partners in Policymaking is an innovative national model of leadership training for people with developmental disabilities, parents and family members. Begun over twenty years ago by the Minnesota Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities, this program has continued to have a major impact on important issues in the field of developmental disabilities. The program is designed to provide state-of-the-art knowledge about issues and policies related to disability, and to develop participant competencies to become more effective in influencing policy development at all levels. The overall intent is to achieve a productive partnership between people with developmental disabilities, parents, and family members, and those in position to make policy.

Partners complete a series of training sessions, primarily through web-based instruction, during the course year. Partners are expected to complete assignments between sessions and to commit to one major project during their training year, to be completed in the following year. These projects may include activities such as serving an internship, serving on a board, organizing a letter writing campaign, or organizing special receptions or town meetings for public officials. Upon graduation, members join the Partners Graduates group and become eligible for follow up activities and advanced training.

Partners class session topics include:

Disability History and Policy
Creating Community
Individualized Services
State and Federal Issues
Systemic Advocacy in Practice: Field Testimony


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