Pony Power Therapies at Three Sisters Farm

Address: 1170 Ramapo Valley Road
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Phone: (201) 934-1001 Fax: (201) 9348891 Email: info@ponypowernj.org Website: http://ponypowernj.org/

Pony Power was founded in 2000 by Dana Spett, who still holds the executive director position. In researching alternative therapies for her daughter with mild special needs, she came across therapeutic riding. Being an equestrian, the numerous benefits of horses became apparent; the mental clarity and ability to exist in the moment occurs at the first encounter, in addition to the physical exercise, core strengthening and sense of accomplishment that is achieved on horseback.

Dana introduces students to therapy horse CC
While researching the link between horses and therapy programs she found the extensive documentation to support what she had experienced first hand in a lifetime of working with horses. Spett who holds a master’s degree in social work, earned her PATH International certification and launched a program with one horse and four riders.

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