Preston’s H.O.P.E

Address: 26001 South Woodland Rd.
Beachwood, OH 44122
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Located on the property of The Mandel JCC, Preston's H.O.P.E is the largest accessible playground park in Northeast Ohio. The Inspiration for Preston's H.O.P.E. came from very special friends and family of a little boy born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). They believed that if his dreams were to play in a park with all other kids, then there must be many, many other children with the same dream as well… they found out that there were over 26,000 kids in Cuyahoga County alone with some type of disability. Kids that wanted the opportunity to play with their brothers and sisters and their best friends… a place that was boundless. Many of these kids met one day and dreamed together the way Preston's H.O.P.E. should be. A place where you could get up high, feel movement, play things you've never been able to, or just be quiet if you want. And that is how it all started.

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