Professional Therapies, Inc – UTAH

Address: P.O. Box 58518
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Professional Therapies is committed to inspire and create more functionally independent children and parents through providing exceptional physical therapy services, products, information and training. We are compassionate people with extraordinary vision and skill.  Because of tremendous variability cerebral palsy presents a wide range of challenges to children, parents and physical therapists. Our well rounded approach utilizing Neurodevelopmental Treatment and Motor Learning strategies has been successful throughout the years at helping our clients to become as functionally independent as possible.  Our treatment strategies are focused on improving your child's skeletal alignment by inhibiting nonproductive muscle patterns or synergies. With sound skeletal alignment, your child is guided through more efficient movement patterns while stimulating the needed musculature. Engaging your child to become and remain active in the movement process is achieved through sound motivational strategies, skilled handling and effective set-up of the environment for success. 

Was Your Child's CP Preventable?