Public Schools, Eau Claire (MI)

Address: 6190 W. Main Street
Eau Claire,, MI 49111
Phone: (269) 461-6947 Website:

"Eau Claire Public Schools in partnership with students, parents, and the community is dedicated to educational excellence and equality for all students. By providing meaningful, goal driven learning experiences and   mastery of essential skills and objectives in technology rich facilities, we are  preparing our students for the future. Positive attitudes will be fostered in a  multi-cultural environment that nurtures respect for one another and a pursuit of life-long learning."


Eau Clair Preschool


All Day Preschool Program – We are now an ALL DAY PROGRAM serving 16 students in our classroom. Transportation is provided. The program runs Monday through Friday, September to May. We are full for the 2011-2012 school year, but do have a waiting list.


Preschool Program – Boys and girls must be 4 by December 1, 2011, and must live in the Eau Claire School District to be eligible for the preschool program.


Eau Clair Preschool

Mrs. Dao Noi Down, Principle

6238 West Main Street

Eau Claire, MI  49111

Phone:  (269) 461-6191


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Beth Bentham, Special Education Coordinator

Phone: 461-6191 ext 2012


Elementary School: (269) 461-6191


Eau Claire Public Schools:

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