Pulaski High School Parent Center

Address: 2500 W Oklahoma Avenue,, Room 134
Milwaukee, WI 53215-4498
Phone: (414) 482-4636 Fax: (414) 2941515 Email: mlboivin@msn.com Website: http://www2.milwaukee.k12.wi.us/pulaski/English/Parents&Partners.html

The Parent Center, located in Room 134, is open during school hours. Computers are available for parents to use, along with relevant parenting brochures and informational handouts. The center allows parents to connect with one another, collaborate and learn valuable skills. The newsletter will be our way of reaching out to parents about past, current and future events at Pulaski. Parents Volunteers and Americorp VISTA staff the Parent Center.Parents of Special Education students need to be informed about the resources, activities and general information available for their children. Taking a proactive approach to enhancing our children's education and future is extremely important. Please refer to the Pulaski Special Education Department webpage for more information regarding your child's teachers and classes.

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