Pushing Boundaries Full Service Exercise Based Therapy Center

Address: 4162 148th Avenue NE, Building I
Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: (425) 869-9506 Fax: (425) 869-9482 Email: info@pushing-boundaries.org Website: http://pushing-boundaries.org/

The Northwest’s full-service exercise based therapy center, providing intensive exercise based recovery programs focused on regaining function in those paralyzed due to illness, injury, or other neurological disorders. State of the art therapy equipment combined with a team of nationally certified Exercise Therapists that collaborate on every program, you can start now to avoid or reverse “learned non-use” in affected muscle groups.

Exercise Therapy (not to be confused with Physical Therapy) is a highly repetitive exercise based program that enables a client to “push their boundaries” and identify which abilities can be recovered. In years past, people with paralysis were determined to be beyond the help of “physical exercise” because of their limited mobility resulting from their injury. Our talented Exercise Therapy team work one (or more)-on-one with every client, designing individualized programs to achieve optimum fitness and recovery of function. The more time our clients participate in intensive exercise, the more strength and independence they achieve.

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