Racine Community Foundation – Racine Wisconsin

Address: 245 Main Street, Garden Level
Racine, WI 53403
Phone: (262) 632-8474 Fax: (262) 632-3739 Email: info@racinecommunityfoundation.org Website: http://www.racinecommunityfoundation.org/

The Racine Community Foundation is proud to represent Racine County in what is considered to be the fastest growing sector in philanthropy today – public foundations. Such a distinction demands a high degree of expertise and accountability. With an all-volunteer Board of Directors and a dedicated staff, we wear many hats.

    We provide a charitable base for donors who choose the Racine Community Foundation to rigorously, but prudently, manage their gifts. With us, donors can create funds that immediately address needs in our community, or establish legacy funds that serve the community in perpetuity.
    We award grants from charitable fund earnings to support non-profit community programs, projects and scholarships.
    We initiate and lead conversations regarding needs in our community and act as an information resource and network hub for community non-profits.


UCP-SEW is most grateful to the Racine Community Foundation/Wendler Family Fund for its continuing partnership with UCP of Southeastern Wisconsin to provide an in-home respite program for Racine County parents and guardians caring for a child with a disability (not just cerebral palsy).

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