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Rainbows United enhances the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing customized services.


Targeted Case Management- Rainbows uses a family-centered approach encouraging each family to make their own choices and letting the case manager advocate and coordinate the services to make the family's wishes a reality. As a long-time recognized leader in Kansas, Rainbows' case managers help families overcome barriers. They match the needs of each child and family with available community resources and access to those services. They add a special touch by meeting with other persons involved in the child's life including teachers, therapists and care providers to make certain every aspect is working in the child's best interest. Rainbows' case managers help families identify:
What they need for their child
What resources are available
How to access those services and resources
How to coordinate education, purchased services and natural supports

Funding for Intellectual Disability/Developmental Disability (ID/DD) Services may include:
Respite care
On-going care
Assistance with durable medical equipment

Early Intervention Butler / Sedgwick Counties- Studies overwhelmingly show that when children receive help early in life, they do better later in life. If you and your child's doctor have identified a possible developmental delay, we can help. Rainbows United offers a wide spectrum of services — and ways to connect to services — that address your child's unique needs. A family services coordinator will work with you to see that your family receives assistance to promote your child's growth and development. Rainbows United offers 16 early intervention services, depending on your specific needs, at no costs to families.

Services may include:
Assistive technology,
Speech/language therapy,
Physical therapy,
Family training,
Psychological services,
Health services,
Family service coordination,
Medical services,
Social work,
Nursing services,
Special instruction,
Nutrition services,
Occupational therapy,
Vision services

Mental Health Program – A variety of clinical services meeting the social, emotional and behavioral needs of children and families are available at Rainbows sites, in the home and in the community. These services are provided by licensed mental health professionals:
Mental health screening and assessment
Play therapy
Parenting education
Classroom support
Training for early childhood service providers and mental health professionals
Family support
Consultation with families and early childhood service providers

Autism Waiver Services– Rainbows United offers the most progressive, advanced therapies for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder through the Kansas Autism Waiver Program. We understand that children with autism require a unique setting, one that is structured and designed to shut out the distractions that often stand in the way of learning and developing. Rainbows services are tailored to the needs of each individual child and family. We will create a program that addresses the unique abilities of your child and helps support your overall family life.

Smart Start of Butler County – Smart Start of Butler County is opening doors of opportunity for quality child care, early childhood mental health, and provider training and support in the following ways:
Providing financial assistance to families in the form of child care scholarships.
Offering scholarship funds to help child care providers advance their skills through college courses in the child care field.
Developing mentoring and training opportunities for families and child care providers.
Awarding mini-grants to help providers prepare their home or center in meeting child care licensing standards.
Supplying relevant child care expertise and informational materials to child care providers, families and community partners.
Consulting with a mental health specialist on issues relevant to families and child care providers.

Child Care and Preschool- Kids’ Point services include progressive plans for all children regardless of their skill levels. The goal of Rainbows’ United services is to provide optimal educational opportunities for all children beginning at 12 months until your child’s entrance into kindergarten.

Preparing your child to be successful in school is at the forefront of our program. Regardless of age or skills level, your child will graduate from Rainbows’ Kids’ Point early care and educational program fully prepared for a successful Kindergarten experience.
• Educational component in every class every day
• Evidence-based approach that focuses on the tenets set out by NAEYC, the Kansas Early Learning
Guidelines and early childhood research
• Year-round classroom learning
• Enrichment opportunities for children outside the classroom
• Meals that exceed federal nutritional guidelines
• Technology available in every classroom
• Progress monitoring done three times a year to demonstrate your child’s progress
• Qualified staff with degrees in child development
• Research based strategies employed in the classroom that focus on building strong social and
emotional skills in all children
• Commitment to developing a school-family relationship that engages parents in their child’s learning
• Continual staff training on up-to-date techniques and strategies for working with young children
• Opportunities for children to reconnect with nature through the Nature Explorers classroom and
specialized learning opportunities

Community Based Education/ Training Services (CBETS) – A great start in school can mean a great start in life. Help a child you know be screened, be encouraged, and be ready. CBETS, through Rainbows United, offers ideas, screening, specific services and resources to support each child's education.
Direct Services
Once a referral is assigned, Rainbows United staff will guide families and providers through the process to get needed services.
Services are provided at no cost to families or child care providers.
Services are based on each child's needs.
Physical and occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavior consultation and strategies, and educational activities are among the services offered.
Idea exchange sessions for Early Childhood Providers
Through one-on-one conversation, group sessions, or structured in-service training, Rainbows' specialists can talk with caregivers about the specific needs of a child, or children, in care.
Vists to the home or child care center, to observe how the child functions in his current setting, followed by suggestions of strategies that address concerns.

Specialized Foster Care-The goal of Rainbows United, Inc. Foster Care Program is to support the development of the child whose disabilities may temporarily prevent him or her from living with his/her birth family.
Foster Family Support
Rainbows United supports its specialized foster care resource families in their journey by:
Recruiting, training and supervising foster homes for children with special needs.
Providing specialists with knowledge of the services, technology/equipment and funding available for children with special needs.
Being available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of emergencies.
Coordinating Targeted Case Management.
Offering five hours of respite care each month at no cost to the family.
Educating and supporting resource families with monthly meetings.
Arranging for adequate clothing, specialized equipment, and home furnishings to meet the child's needs.

Newborn Assessment – Trained early interventionist conduct developmental assessments on newborns to identify how the infant responds to and interacts with his/her new environment in areas of sight, sound, light, touch, breathing, hearing and more.

Comprehensive Evaluations – For children birth to five determine a child's eligibility for early intervention and special education services resulting in an individualized plan.

Behavioral Assessment – A behavioral specialist looks beyond the presenting problem behavior to understand what function it may be serving the child (i.e., what happens before the behavior, and what comes after the behavior). Findings provide the basis for development of next steps. Parenting education, classroom support, training for early childhood service providers and mental health professionals, family support and consultation with families and early childhood service providers are also available.

Screen for Success – The screening is a way to get information on the growth and development of young children. The screening may take up to two hours.
Upon arrival, families will be checked in and paperwork reviewed. Caregivers will have an opportunity to discuss concerns and screening options. Generally screening stations are: development, hearing, vision, speech/language, health/nutrition and behavior. Children will be screened by a professional that is knowledgeable in early childhood and overall results will be discussed with a caregiver. Each child will leave with a Kid Kit folder of community resources and basic developmental information as well as the results of the screening. A follow up call may be made to ensure that all questions have been answered.


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