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Raleigh Neurology 's Department of Child Neurology is one of the most highly-respected specialty pediatric practices in the Triangle area. Our child and adolescent neurologists have special expertise in the areas of epilepsy, headache/migraine, sleep disorders, neuromuscular disorders, brain tumors, neurogenetic disorders, neonatal neurology, mental retardation, cerebral palsy, and other developmental delays.

We are particularly skilled in handling your child with the compassion and consideration they deserve. Our understanding of children and how families react to a child with a neurological disability, childhood development and child psychology are among our requisite pediatric skills. Thorough acquaintance with the various non-neurological illnesses to which children are subject to is also important to us since these illnesses may provoke neurological manifestations, may constitute differential diagnostic considerations, and most definitely influence our diagnostic and therapeutic decisions.

The extensive experience of our highly trained physicians and staff, including the capacity to provide explanations, answer your questions, discern and alleviate your fears, and to appropriately choose among diagnostic and therapeutic options is where we excel. We also provide you with counsel and comfort, and uphold the highest in ethical standards when dealing with the complex illnesses of child neurology.

We have a ‘whole child’ concept of evaluating and treating a neurological problem. We understand the impact of the disorder on the entire family. Our department provides complete neurological evaluation, accurate diagnosis, modern treatment and careful follow-through. You can depend on Raleigh Neurology Associates to provide the very latest forms of therapy for all pediatric neurological disorders.

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