Ramsey Magnet School of Science

Address: 1351 W. Kathleen Avenue
Coeur d’Alene, ID 83815
Phone: (208) 765-2010 Fax: (208) 7690747 Website: http://www.cdaschools.org/ramsey

Ramsey Magnet School of Science is a School-wide Title One School. We are proud to have the following at our school:

23 highly qualified teachers in grades 1-5.
Specialists in Art, Music, PE, Special Education, Speech/Language Title One, and Advanced Learning.
Full time principal and vice-principal
Full time guidance counselor
Part time school psychologist
Full time media specialist
Intervention specialist
Idaho Reads! VISTA Coordinator
Highly qualified Title One assistants, math and reading remediation teachers and special education para-professionals.

Special Education Services
Students who receive special education support and instruction have an Individualized Education Program which enables them to receive specialized instruction in specific areas, such as math, reading, spelling, and writing. Varied approaches are utilized to address different learning styles, and a mixture of individualized and small group instruction is used in order to develop positive attitudes in students towards school and themselves. Questions regarding Special Education can be emailed to Molly Johnson : mgjohnson@cdaschools.org


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