Regional Rehab Center – North Mississippi

Address: 615 Pegram Drive
Tupelo, MS 38801
Phone: (662) 842-1891 Fax: (662) 840-0941 Website:


The mission of the Regional Rehabilitation Center is to, at no cost to the individual, restore and enhance the quality of life of North Mississippians with disabling conditions through rehabilitation services characterized by quality care and personal attention
The Regional Rehabilitation Center has also been the launching point for several agencies that are now freestanding: McDougal Center, Vocational Rehabilitation (now known as AbilityWorks), the Work Opportunity Resource Center, Vocational Rehabilitation Center for the Blind (now known as REACH) and Royal Maid Industries for the Blind (now known as LC Industries). The Rehab Center has been instrumental in pilot projects, either in identification of need and partnering or releasing them to appropriate agencies. Three such projects have been the Hard of Hearing Classroom (which served Lee, Tippah, Benton, Union, Itawamba and Alcorn counties), the Physically Handicapped classrooms and the Dyslexia Program. In 1999 the Center, through grant funds from the Mississippi Department of Health, was named an Early Intervention site in Northeast Mississippi providing services to the 0-3 years of age population. And last, but not least, after almost fifty years, the Rehab Center has completed the much-needed $2,288,000 renovation. Currently, the Center is providing approximately 20,000 services annually to 2,000 clients in 25 counties in Northeast Mississippi.
Services provided include: Audiology, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy.
The Early Intervention Program serves infants and toddlers from birth to thirty-six months with a developmental delay or a condition that places them at risk for a developmental delay.  A team evaluation is completed to determine the child’s strengths and weaknesses in cognitive, language, motor, self-help, and social development.  The evaluation is conducted by a trans disciplinary/multidisciplinary team who determines if the child needs services and, if so, what type.  The Early Intervention Program staff includes an Audiologist, a Physical Therapist, an Occupational Therapist, a Speech Therapist, and a Special Instructor. For more information, please visit:

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