Rehab Without Walls Pediatric Outpatient Center (PEDS)

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Pediatric Outpatient Center (PEDS)
Our Seattle-based pediatric outpatient rehabilitation program provides innovative, high-intensity, one-to-one services to children with a wide range of neuro disorders including brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, and spinal and orthopedic conditions. Our hallmark approach uses specialized equipment, including the TheraSuit ®and pulley system, to safely build strength and make lasting functional gains. The Rehab Without Walls approach and philosophy—with its flexibility, high-intensity and emphasis on functionality—is ideally suited for children’s rehabilitation.

Our pediatric outpatient rehabilitation program, serving the greater Seattle area, provides innovative occupational, physical and speech therapy to children from birth through age 21. Diagnoses treated include autism, most neuro disorders, brain injury, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, orthopedic conditions, muscular dystrophy, brain surgery and tumor resections, developmental delays and stroke.

The technology used includes TheraSuit® therapy, aquatic therapy, the universal exercise unit, a pulley system for resistant exercise, the light gate system, and a bungee cord/harness system. These tools can help children learn to walk and move without weight bearing, promote sensory integration, work isolated muscle groups, perform repetitive resistant exercises to promote strength, and experience rehabilitation in an atmosphere that is foremost safe but also fun. Because we are the only pediatric program in the area to offer the TheraSuit® therapy, patients come from across the state to work with us. Services are provided in an open gym setting and therapists work collaboratively alongside each other. Parents and other family members are encouraged to attend, and we also train families in home exercises.

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