Rehabilitation Medicine, The Rusk Institute of

Address: 400 East 34th St.
New York,, NY 10016
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Rusk provides patients with access to treatment across a continuum of care depending on their individual medical needs. Our mission is to provide patients with the necessary physical, social, emotional, vocational, and recreational skills to reach the highest possible levels of independence and quality of life.

Rusk Departments:

Occupational Therapy,
Physical Therapy,
Speech-Language Pathology/Swallowing,
Rehabilitation Medicine,
Vocational Rehabilitation,
Rehabilitation Nursing,
Social Work,
Therapeutic Recreation

Programs & Services
Amputee Program
Brain Injury
Cardiac/Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Multiple Sclerosis Program
Orthopaedic Program
Parkinson's Disease Program
Pediatrics Rehab
Spinal Cord Injury Program
Sports Rehab
Stroke Program
Vestibular Program
Women's Health Program


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Outpatient Referrals:

Phone: (212) 263-6037

Fax: (212) 263-0418



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