Respite Care Services – Weatherly Heights Baptist Church

Address: 1306 Cannstatt Dr.
Huntsville, AL 35803
Phone: (256) 881-6882 Fax: 256-881-6882 Website:

Where do the many parents of Huntsville and Madison County who are caring for children with special needs go for a break? In other words, who provides care for caregivers?

At Weatherly Heights Baptist Church, we care about families with special needs! We have four trained teams that have been providing respite care every month since May of 2000. Here is how it works. On the first Friday of every month from 6 p.m. until 10 p.m. a team of volunteers provides care for children with special needs and their siblings. We welcome siblings, so parents do not have to find another childcare provider.

Beginning on the Monday before respite care, parents may call the church office (881-6882) and make a reservation. Simply ask for Vicki or Pat. If it is your first visit, they will request information about your child’s medical history and developmental condition, so that we can offer quality care. That is important to us. When you arrive at respite care, a pair of loving arms will be ready to embrace and care for your child. You are free to go to a movie, dinner, or do whatever you wish.

On a typical evening we will care for children with autism, Down syndrome, and seizure disorders. Some will be in wheelchairs, others not.

This is a ministry of our church. We are not medical professionals. We have been given to. Now we want to give back. There is no charge for respite care, and you do not have to be a member of our church. Please call if you have questions.

Contact: Ms. Bonnie Garrett, Respite Coordinator
Type of Respite Service: Child – Adult Daycare  

Counties: Madison, Limestone

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