Rhode Island Office of the Commissioner of Education

Address: 255 Westminster Street
Providence, RI 02903
Phone: (401) 222-4600 Fax: (401) 2226178 Email: Hayley.Jamroz@ride.ri.gov Website: http://www.ride.ri.gov/InsideRIDE/RIDEOffices/CommissionersOffice.aspx

The Commissioner’s Office coordinates the policy, legal, communications, community relations, and legislative activities of RIDE. The Commissioner’s staff manages all relations with the Board of Regents. The staff is also responsible for RIDE’s activities regarding human resources and civil rights, and staff members work with members of other RIDE offices on strategic planning and budget preparation. The Commissioner’s staff coordinates and develops education policy for the state in consultation and collaboration with the Board of Regents, the Governor’s Office, and the General Assembly.  The Commissioner’s Office is RIDE’s primary point of contact for the general public, the Governor, the Regents, and the General Assembly. The staff is responsible for creating and disseminating education policy that fulfills the mission of the Board of Regents: “To lead and support schools and communities in ensuring that all students achieve at the high levels needed to lead fulfilling and productive lives, to succeed in academic and employment settings, and to contribute to society.” – and the RIDE goal statement: “Working together with educators, families, and communities, we will increase successful completion rates, raise learning proficiency, and close learning gaps so that all learners meet state standards.”

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