Richmond Hope Therapy Center

Address: 4900 Dominion Boulevard, Suite B
Glen Allen, VA 23060
Phone: (804)747-4673 Fax: (804)747-4655 Email: NO EMAIL Website:

Virginia’s First Intensive Therapy Center in Richmond, Hope Therapy Center is the first clinic in Virginia to offer highly effective intensive therapy. Originally inspired by Eastern European methods, intensive therapy has been growing in the US since 2002.

Children receive 3-4 hours of therapy a day, 5 days a week, for 3 consecutive weeks in our individualized programs. With the increased time utilizing a variety of innovative tools, our therapists work with children to gain maximum strength, flexibility and balance for increased independence and greater functionality.

*For inquiries regarding total cost of therapy, please contact our office for CPT codes used during your child’s treatment, and then call 804-324-1500. A billing specialist will get back with you with further information.

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