RIPTA (Rhode Island Public Transit Authority)

Address: 705 Elmwood Avenue
Providence, RI 02907
Phone: (401) 781-9400 Website:

RIPTA is striving to become a model for accessible public transportation, offering service that is safe, dependable and inclusive to all our customers, including those with disabilities. Every bus has a kneeler and a wheelchair lift or ramp, and drivers are trained to help customers secure their wheelchairs safely.  Customers with disabilities should board first and exit last. All RIPTA buses are accessible.  All RIPTA buses and trolleys are equipped with: The capability to kneel or lower to make boarding easier; Lifts (on high-floor buses) or ramps (on low-floor buses); Two securement areas for wheeled mobility devices; Destination signs that are bright and easy to read; Priority seating areas near the front of the bus. All customers have the right to use accessibility equipment (such as ramps and lifts). Service animals are always welcome on RIPTA vehicles and property. The RIde Program is an umbrella service that provides transportation for individuals with disabilities and seniors based on the eligibility requirements of several state programs.  Certification for each program is required and is performed by the agency that funds the program. Reservations are required for all paratransit services.  Reservation procedures are described under Scheduling Trips.  ADA Service is operated in compliance with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  The ADA requires public transit operators to provide paratransit services for eligible people with disabilities that prevent use of general public transportation all or some of the time. It is not intended to be a comprehensive system of transportation that meets all the needs of persons with disabilities, and it is distinct from medical or human services transportation. It is a shared-ride service, which means you are traveling with other people and is comparable to the level of service of RIPTA’s fixed-route system. In order to use ADA Service you must complete and submit an application.  Only completed, signed original applications, mailed or faxed, will be considered for review.  Applicants will receive written notification of eligibility via U.S. mail within 21 days of submitting the completed application. If you are found eligible for ADA Service, the next step is to determine if your trips are ADA-eligible.  This is done for each trip request.  You can use ADA Service, just like the bus, for any reason.  However, ADA Service is limited to areas where and when the fixed route bus operates.  Both your pick up location and drop off location must be within ¾-mile of a regular fixed route.  The RIde Program will evaluate each trip you take to make sure it is within this ¾-mile corridor. 

RIDE Reservations: 401-(401) 461-9760

Flex Service Reservations:1-877-906-3539 (RI only) or 784-9500, ext. 220

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