The Robbie Foundation – Services, Therapy and Equipment Funding Assistance Provider

Address: P.O. Box 1534
Scarborough, ME 04070
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The Robbie Foundation (RF) is a not-for-profit organization that was founded on behalf of a boy living with cerebral palsy. The mission of Robbie Foundation is to improve the quality of lives for children with special needs.

PURPOSE: The purpose of Robbie Foundation is to support children with special needs and improve their quality of life by: funding adaptive equipment, technology and therapy treatment not covered by insurance; providing art and technology programs to allow access to educational opportunities; offering family support and resources through respite programs, and cultivating awareness of the special needs community.

Who We Serve
The Robbie Foundation is dedicated to assisting children with developmental disabilities* (including, but not limited to physical disabilities, speech and language delays, sensory integrated disorders, cerebral palsy, brain injury, autism spectrum disorders, cognitive challenges). We serve children between the ages of birth and 20 years residing in the state of Maine.

Our primary mission is to fund adaptive equipment, assistive technology, therapy treatment and/or any necessary item not covered by insurance.

Programs Include:
Academic Scholarship Program – This program is open to children with special needs who are pursuing a post-secondary education.
Adaptive Equipment / Assistive Technology
Therapy Treatment Program (AAT Program)

For the child and / or guardian seeking financial assistance: The parent/guardian application must provide a detailed statement listing all adaptive items and/or therapies that are needed. The information submitted is used by the foundation to provide the best sponsor for each child.

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