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Denver, CO 80218
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Each day at RMHC we are inspired by the courage of hundreds of children and families receiving treatment throughout our Family of Care facilities in metro Denver, Colorado. Whether caring for an injured child in an emergency, performing minimally invasive surgery on a newborn or supporting a teen through cancer treatments, we are committed to providing the highest level of care for every child.

Top Pediatric Health Specialists Close to Home – Whenever possible, we care for children in a familiar, close to home community hospital. Every one of our pediatric treatment centers within our community hospitals adheres to the same high quality clinical and customer services standards, so you can be sure you are receiving the best care for your child.

Featured Services

    Ortho and Sports Medicine
    Cancer Care
    Emergency Care
    Neuro and Neurosurgery
    NICU and PICU
    GI Care


Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurosciences Center- At the Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurosciences Center at RMHC at P/SL, we have some of Denver's most respected pediatric neurologists, pediatric neurosurgeons and other pediatric specialists caring for your child. From diagnosis through treatment and recovery, we will be with you and your family to answer questions and make sure you understand everything that is going on.

Your Child's Pediatric Neurology Team

At the Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurosciences Center at RMHC, our pediatric neurology patients receive coordinated care from:

    Pediatric Neurology
    Pediatric Orthopedics
    General Surgery
    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy

Your child’s primary care physician also plays an integral role in his overall care. The Rocky Mountain Pediatric Neurosciences Center team always seeks out and appreciates their input.

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