Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute

Address: 2301 N Lake Drive
Milwaukee, WI 53211
Phone: (414) 298-6750 Website:

Colombia St. Mary's Hospital

Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute is a comprehensive provider of rehabilitation services, solely dedicated to meeting the needs of persons with physical disabilities. The programs at Sacred Heart are designed by professionals who respect the uniqueness of each individual, and take into account an understanding that each situation involves challenges of a different nature. Patient care teams treat the whole patient, striving to meet not only the physical needs, but also addressing emotional, social, psychological and spiritual aspects of change and adjustment for the patient and the family. Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Institute offers a comprehensive range of specialty programs for you and your family: Brain Injury; Brain Injury Day Treatment; Coma Recovery; Movement Disorders; Neurological Disorders; Neurospinal Disorders & Injuries; Spasticity Treatment; Spinal Cord Disorders; Stroke.

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