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The Kansas State School for the Blind is a special purpose school for students aged 3-21 years of age who are visually impaired and are referred by their local school district for evaluation at KSSB in consideration of a placement decision. KSSB is a secondary service provider that assists school districts in their provision of a Free and Appropriate Public Education for their students, through time-limited placements and statewide outreach services. Regardless of where KSSB services are provided, school districts retain primary responsibility for their students.


Kansas Deaf-Blind Library – A collection of materials – books, videos, kits, tapes, etc. – that may be of interest to parents, teachers & others who work with individuals who are deaf-blind. Anyone, in-state or out-of-state, may use this library free of charge.
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Requesting Materials – When making requests by email or phone, please include the following information: name, shipping address, phone number, your status (Parent; Professional; Paraprofessional; VIISA Trainer), the Item Number and Title for each material you would like to borrow. Print copies of the library's catalog are also available by sending a request via the above methods. When requesting a catalog, please include your name and mailing address.

Materials are loaned free of charge. The lending period is three weeks, unless special arrangements have been made. The patron is responsible for returning materials

Kansas Instructional Resource Center – (KIRC) is a statewide, state funded resource center for students with visual disabilities enrolled in a formal educational program in Kansas’ public and private schools.

Mission – The mission of the Kansas Instructional Resource Center is to provide, or assist Kansas local education agencies, in the procurement of braille, large print, recorded, or digital textbooks and other educational materials for Kansas students who are blind/visually impaired so they can remain and succeed in the most appropriate educational setting, whether public, private, or parochial. The Kansas Instructional Resource Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired is the key organization ensuring that students with visual impairments are provided with the appropriate learning tools to meet proficiency expectations in literacy and numeracy, and is the primary source facilitating ongoing staff development and networking activities that build local capacities to serve this low incidence population with highly qualified teachers. Most KIRC services are available to Kansas local education agencies at no cost.

Service – The Resource Center is located on the campus of the Kansas State School for the Blind in Kansas City, Kansas. The services of the KIRC are available to public school systems, to eligible, private non-profit local education agencies, and to state special schools across Kansas. An inventory of more than 30,000 braille and large type textbooks and other instructional materials are available on an annual loan basis. Approximately 11,000 items are currently on loan in local education agencies.

Student Eligibility – Students with a visual impairment, including those with multiple disabilities, who are enrolled in public and private schools of less than college level and who meet state eligibility requirements for visual impairment are eligible for KIRC services.


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