Sinergia, Inc.

Address: 2082 Lexington Ave
New York,, NY 10035
Phone: (212) 643-2840 Email: Website:

Sinergia, Spanish for synergy the enhanced energy of two forces combined is a 501(c)(3), community based, multi-service organization. We opened our doors in 1977 as a "Direct Service" linking families of children with disabilities to services that matched their needs.

Our mission is to enhance the well being of individuals and families through the human services delivery system(s), with particular concentration on those "special populations" that have traditionally experienced difficulty in accessing human services. Those "special populations" include, without limitation,  persons with disabilities, disadvantaged, Latino, African American, Native American and or migrant. Sinergia has a reputation for decades of working with "underserved families, many with limited English proficiency, who are homeless and are experiencing poverty.

Our vision is that individuals with disabilities and families will have the opportunity to achieve maximum wellness through individualization, independence, integration and productivity in their communities of choice. Unserved, underserved and distressed communities will have increased capacity for goods, services and other resources in order that barriers of fear, discrimination and ignorance will be eliminated.


Since it’s founding, Sinergia has remained faithful to its twin goals. The first and most immediate is to provide service coordination, information and support to families and individuals in need. The second, more longer term goal is to provide families and individuals with the means of self-empowerment, ultimately enabling them to become their own advocates and directly assist other families.


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