Skating Association for the Blind and Handicapped

Address: 2607 Niagara Street
Buffalo, NY 14207
Phone: (716) 362-9600 Fax: (716) 3629601 Website:

SABAH was formed as a Buffalo-based not-for-profit educational corporation in 1977.  SABAH currently runs two programs for skaters of all ages; both begin in October and run through the spring. These weekly ice-skating sessions rely on adaptive skating equipment and volunteer support to foster a learning environment for our athletes. They improve their balance, coordination, endurance and strength while learning self-discipline both on and off the ice.  

SABAH's School-Day program and the Evening & Weekend program are run out of five rinks in Erie and Niagara counties. At these sites, we serve skaters and volunteers from Western New York counties and Canada. 

SABAH’s mission is to challenge individuals with special needs and volunteer partners to experience the success, pride, freedom and joy of therapeutic ice-skating while achieving personal growth.

Each week, our athletes step on the ice with courage and determination as they grow and learn to believe in themselves. True athletes, SABAH skaters strive to be the best they can be in all aspects of life. SABAH is so much more than skating. SABAH is about turning possibilities into realities!

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