Solutions CEDARR

Address: 134 Thurbers Avenue
Providence, RI 02905
Phone: (401) 461-4351 Email: Website:

Solutions CEDARR is an exciting, innovative program available to families who have a child/youth (birth to twenty-one years) with significant challenges. CEDARR is a state-wide initiative intended to significantly reduce the need for parents to retell their story due to its wraparound approach. A wraparound approach, considered "best practice," is embodied in our organizational structure. We have a team-driven process involving the family, child, formal and informal services which represent the life domains that are currently presenting the greatest challenges for the family. This team-driven process means active participation by the family, the service agencies, the school system, medical professionals, and the community as a whole. All providers have legal obligations, funding arrangements, and limited service capabilities. A wraparound approach coordinates different disciplines so that the level of effort is not duplicated but expanded to address families' needs.Family Service of Rhode Island manages  Solutions CEDARR for the Quality Care Company.

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